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W7- Health and Fitness


Reflection time…

So this running idea has had its many ups and downs.  On the plus side, as a whole I did feel more energized and I was starting to see some more definition in my physical appearance.  Yet on the down side, my feet were ridiculously sore.  My feet (specifically heels) tend to hurt in general, but they were hurting so much more after I started this goal of trying to train for a marathon.  By the end of last week I was really starting to rethink this idea of running.  Then on Sunday, I lost/misplaced my pedometer! 

I started to research sore heels and why mine might be hurting so bad. I know I am not a doctor, but I know my feet and I am pretty sure that I have Plantar Fascittis…

Definition: Plantar fasciitis is irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot.

Symptoms: The most common complaint is pain in the bottom of the heel. It is usually worst in the morning and may improve throughout the day. By the end of the day the pain may be replaced by a dull aching that improves with rest.

Most people complain of increased heel pain after walking for a long period of time.

One of the risk factors is running…

That said, I have decided that running isn’t for me…at least not in regards to running marathons. Some of the treatments include stretching/icing/new shoes with more heel support/orthodics/rest…I need to look into this more.  Online, I found some heel supports that you could wear with shoes, an iced rolling pin and rolling ball that you use to stretch the heel and ice the heel, and some brands of shoes that are made to improve heel and arch support…

I want to be fit and in shape, to have energy and feel good so in the meantime…I will stretch regularly (staying limber is important, especially as we get older and want to avoid waking up achy) and begin taking yoga more seriously.  I think making measurable goals is important, but I also want to be realistic and listen to my body.  I will let you know how the week goes next Saturday. 

***Sometimes it’s important to make big goals and push yourself, but other times it is just as important to listen to your body and know when to stop and make a change. The goal to health and fitness is feeling better, having more energy and being active…how you get there is up to you, just work on getting there!



W6- Health and Fitness


I am happy to say that my total walking/running this week was 23 miles!!!  I increased my miles by roughly 6 miles!!!  Now, this is including all my walking, I put my pedometer on in the morning and then take it off at night, so it’s basically as if I am walking just over 3 miles a day.  I know I have a lot of work to do to prepare for the half marathon, but for me…just regularly increasing my activity each week is important, and it’s evident that I am being more active by seeing how my numbers are going on.  There is one problem though…my feet are constantly sore.  My heels specifically, I don’t mean to complain, but I wish they wouldn’t hurt so bad all the time…My hubby rubs them but heels are tough things to massage, and I try to keep my legs up, but that doesn’t help much…if you have any advice for sore heels let me know.  I may need to invest in some new running shoes…but they hurt all the time, regardless of what shoes I wear…Oh well, my body feels good, my energy is up, and my head is clear…so, it’s not such a bad trade off.

Have a healthy and productive week.  Remember that even small steps are still moving you ahead!

Peace and Smiles to you today and always…

W5- Health and Fitness


Sunday-Well friends…I am off to a great start!  Today I woke up, put on my running clothes, stretched…and then welcomed the day by Ralking in the neighborhood.  {Ralking/Ralked- sounds like Rocked and it isn’t a real word but it will be my word for running/walking- plus it is a positive word :)} I ralked 3.5 miles!!! Then later in the day we went to California Adventure for a few hours…I didn’t have my pedometer yet, but I am figuring I walked at least 1-2 miles, so to be safe, I will log in 1 mile for that event…

Total miles: 4.5

Monday- Didn’t keep track…so won’t include anything…

Tuesday-My super sweet mominlaw got me a pedometer while I was at school…THANK YOU!!! So I put it on when I got home, which ended up being about 5 ish…and between all my household chores, walking the dog, throwing out the trash, doing this and that…I logged a mile and a half!!! I was shocked that I walked that much in those few hours of unfocused activity!

Weekly total up until this point…5.5

Wednesday-Outdoor Science School!  I went up and visited my kiddos at OSS and it was a fabulous day.  We went on a nature hike, and walked up and down the campsite a few times…then with the rest of the walking I did that night, I had added an extra 2 miles to my total!

Weekly total now…7.5 miles!!!

Thursday/Friday…For these two days I logged 5.09 miles…which was pretty good…total now….12.59 miles…

Saturday- My little man and I went on a walk/jog in the park…it’s a really pretty nature trail.  We went a little farther then before and discovered a new playground!  We saw lizards, squirrels, hummingbirds, dogs, and lots of bright colored flowers.  We walked over rocks as well as on the trail, and had a lot of fun!  This walk was a total of miles…3 miles…

rest of the day…1 more mile…so 4 miles for the day

So the total mileage for week one of my challenge of logging at least 13.1 miles was…. 16.59 miles!!!

Not too shabby.  I know a lot of the mileage included regular walking around, not necessarily planned walks/jogs…but that’s alright with me, the point is I am being active and not spending a lot of time just sitting around…I plan on this number increasing more each week and am pleased with how things went!  How are you doing?  Anyone else trying to do this challenge with me?

W4- Health and Fitness


I felt much better this week, still have a lingering cough but nothing compared to what I felt like last week.  That said, you’d think my energy levels would have been higher and the desire to excercise would have been bigger…not the case.  I excercised a little, but it was weak…barely broke a sweat either time and didn’t push myself hard at all.  I keep hoping that the feeling inside me will just happen, and it won’t be so much effort and me needing to remind myself of how important it is and how I should be doing more…So, I started thinking about what motivated me in the past to be active and stay physically fit. 

When I had my office job I would walk stairs and walk during lunch or a couple times a day to keep me awake…Now though I am always working through lunch, making copies, grading papers, checking emails…that won’t work…Originally I thought to do yoga in the morning, but I like to sleep in and waking up earlier than I already do, which is 5:45 am, is just too early in my book.  So…back to before, what did I do in the past….

I ran.  I signed up for a 5k marathon and make a year goal of running a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon…I didn’t finish it out…I stopped after the 10k…no real good reason other than I had left to visit my Mom in HI and after coming home I couldn’t get back into the groove…so….I was thinking.  I could try and finish that previous goal.  I will register to run a half marathon and full marathon for the year of 2012.  I looked into events and there is the OC Marathon in May, which gives me a little over 3 full months to train for a 13.1 run.  The race is kind of pricey, so I am going to think of a creative way to earn money for it…but the benefit is…and again, the extra positive side is that all the money goes towards local charity groups.  I would be doing something good for my body, but also good for the community.  I can make a big deal about it to my students, and maybe figure out if the school wanted to form a running club…or at least figure out as a class if we could log a set number of miles…haven’t thought it all out yet, but I am getting excited just thinking about it…

So that will be my new focus for health and fitness.  I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t make my goals measurable, just saying excercise each week…I won’t really push myself.  So my new goal is to walk/run 13.1 miles a week.  Whether that is spread out over many days or if I push myself really hard 2 days. Tomorrow I will begin my new plan and write about it next Saturday.  I really want this, I really want to get back into doing something and feeling those good feelings that come with being active and fit.

If you are like me and are having a hard time getting going, I encourage you to do what I am doing…find a marathon in your area and make it a goal, if you need me to, I will encourage you and be your accountability buddy.

OC Marathon, here I come!!!

Saturday night…


Hello!  Today we had a very active day…it was day two of birthday fun!  Due to all the excitement, I myself am beat…and am going to bed 🙂  I will write more tomorrow and catch up better on the past days events, but didn’t want to have a day pass without sending my thoughts out to you all…I feel so very blessed, to have so many people who love my son the way they do, for the care and attention they give, for all the special memories we make together…Sweet dreams!


So after going off to sleepy town, we awoke bright and early Saturday morning…watched cartoons, played indoor hide and seek, then went to Krispy Kremes for donuts.  After our sugary breakfast…we were off to the coolest park ever, Heritage Park in Cerritos, CA.  This was a park Jeremy went to all the time when he was younger, so besides being super awesome in itself, it’s a place where many happy memories have been made, today’s included…After the park, we dropped off the kids and went home to rest.  Then off to my Dad and Tiffany’s for more birthday fun with the family.  An extra special thank you to Tiffany for all you did, the house looked very special with the birthday decorations and all the yummy treats…

Here are pictures of the events:

Our big 10 year old!!!

***Saturday’s I write about health and fitness, and this entry wasn’t to fitness oriented.  This week I didn’t work out too hard, but did stay active most days.  I did a lot of walking, aerobics and yoga a few evenings…but since it was a birthday weekend, I focused more on sharing our active family moments!

Week 1- Health and Fitness


This week was filled with activity and I wish I had a pedometer to know how many steps I took because it felt like a ton…Sunday I went for a short jog and did some aerobics/yoga after at home.  Then Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we spent most of the day at Disneyland which means we walked and walked and walked…Thursday we went to the beach and walked a little…

Today I wanted to go to the walking trail, but Charles wasn’t too excited about that idea…he was kind of tired. I wanted us to be active and spend some time outside, especially for Pepper’s sake, get him out for a little jog…I told Charles that we were walking no matter what, but that we could walk the neighborhood and stop by the mini market on the way so he could get a candy to eat while we walked.  He chose skittles and we walked around Old Towne Orange and rated the houses from 1-10 on how pretty they were…it was lots of fun and we had a great time.  He forgot how tired he was and enjoyed running along with Pepper and checking out all the cute houses!

Next week we go back to school, so I am hoping I don’t fall into a lazy phase…Wish me luck!



Week 1- Health and Fitness


* Sunday (1 hour of excercise!)

Today’s fitness fun included a job around the neighborhood, some yoga, stretching, and aerobics.  It felt great to be up and active and my hope is that I can stay consistent…that’s the hardest part for me, it’s easy to get started, but challenging to keep at it…I am hoping this blog will help keep me accountable!