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2012 Resolutions


           As I sit and contemplate how I can improve myself and make my life more intentional and meaningful, I am overcome with many different areas that I could focus on, in achieving a more mindful existence.  Just like my ultimate “aha” moment with becoming a teacher, I again realize I am interested in so many different things and have a hard time narrowing my focus to just one item.  My goal is to focus each day on a different area, making it my “7 days and 7 ways to improve my life”.  Here are the themes at a quick glance…

  • Sunday- Spirituality
  • Monday- Teaching
  • Tuesday- Inspiration
  • Wednesday- Food & Drink
  • Thursday- All things Pretty
  • Friday- Family Fun
  • Saturday- Health and Fitness

…and here they are in a bit more detail…

Sunday- Spirituality

I chose Spirituality as a focus because it is the thing that helps keep me most grounded.  Life can be distracting, and I don’t want to lose sight of what really matters.  I have a strong faith in God and find all religions to have beneficial messages.  It is important for me to be mindful of who I am in this world, and how my presence here is affecting others and life in general. 

Monday- Education

As an elementary school teacher, I have the opportunity to positively  impact a child.  That child will then impact his or her family, friends,  community, and so on and so on.  If done well, I can really help make this world a better place.  So on Monday’s I  will focus on memorable teaching moments from my classroom. 

Tuesday- Inspiration

Whether it is in the form of a quote, a passage from a book, a picture, video, or insights I come across from my own life experience or from someone else’s…this day will be devoted to sharing something that will inspire and motivate you.

Wednesday- Food and Drink               

Part of being a better person involves having a diet that is intentional.  Recipes (from an actual cookbook or online versions) are interesting and fun to look at, but unfortunately I rarely refer to them.  The juicer in my cupboard is a fabulous machine, but I don’t use it nearly often enough.  The crock pot is an invaluable tool that makes meal-making convenient and almost fool proof, but I don’t take advantage of it nearly as often as I could.  This year I will put these items to use like never before and document my creations on Wednesday.  I am not committing to using each one each day, but rather each one at some point during the week.              

Thursday- All Things Pretty

I often see something and say to myself, “That is so pretty, cute, adorable, ect…”, and then move on with my day.  I want to capture these sights and share them with others to help us all appreciate the small things that add a touch of beauty to our days.  They are all around us and when I see them I get the warm fuzzies inside, so why not document some of these great images!

Friday- Family Fun

This isn’t something that I need to work on per se, but it is something I want to be intentional about, as well as document a bit better.  There are so many cool things that we do and fun memories that we are making, but I also want to plan special things, try new places out, and be more purposeful with the time we share as a family.

Saturday- Health and Fitness               

I am motivated to stay healthy and fit for a number of reasons.  The most important of these reasons is that I really don’t like being sick and don’t want to find myself suffering from any major health issues.  The second is kind of a no brainer but when I exercise I FEEL good, more energized, and less like a lazy butt.  I find my attitude is a bit better and I am more willing to participate in fun things with my son like playing tag or climbing on the playground structures.  The third and most pragmatic, I don’t want to have to buy new clothes, and it wouldn’t hurt being able to fit in some of my slimmer sisters hand-me-downs…they have great taste and I can’t fit into a lot of their goodies that get passed down.