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W7-Family Fun


One of the ways we have fun as a family is by hanging out at home watching Funniest Home Videos.  Sure it’s nothing glamorous or adventurous…but the simplicity of being together and laughing adds such joy and comfort to our evenings.  My little guy has it set as one of the shows we record, so it’s always available to watch…it’s family friendly and we don’t need to worry about hearing or seeing inappropriate things. 

Having fun with your family is really  just about making your time together count, adding meaning to the time you share. Be present, let the ones you love know you are invested in the time you spend with them and your family will be stronger and more united! 

Peace and love to you and yours!


W6- Family Fun


Another fun filled week has flown by…I can’t believe it’s already the weekend!  As per usual, we enjoyed Disneyland quite a bit this week.  Below are a few pictures from the various visits…Tonight we got a puzzle from one of the shops.  We love puzzles and this one is a really neat one that is a map of Disneyland.  One of my favorite parts of going to Disneyland is how sweet my little guy is with me…due to all the crowds of people, he is always holding my hand or my arm, or snuggling close to me…I love how we share these special times together, talking about our favorite rides, favorite parts of each ride, favorite area of Disneyland, least favorite/top favoritie rides and so on and so on…Tonight I told him, which I do regularly, how much I love our time together, how much I treasure these times when we hang out and have fun together…The other night we were there and we were on Splash Mountain and we were in line by another Mom and son…they were going on the ride for the first time.  We sat together and fondly joked how it was the log reserved for mommies and son’s…I love my little guy, I really really love that kid!

Ok…here are the pictures…


W5- Family Fun: Game Night


Each and every day we enjoy each other’s company, whether it is a snuggle in the morning or story time at night, or playing with the remote controlled helicopters, or even watching/playing jeopardy together.  Tonight we had planned on having game night, and decided to finally try out the game “Stratego!” 

We had never played this game before and were excited to try it out.  We got out the pieces, read all the directions aloud, and began our adventure in “capture the flag.”  It was the boys against the girl…with Charles being the leader of his team.  We hadn’t really developed a game strategy, but that is definetely why the game is named “stratego,” because it is all about strategy.  I lost the game, but it was a lot of fun and I have a few new ideas for next time we play to see if I can’t defend my flag better for Round 2. 

There are so many great games out there, ones for all types of people and with all sorts of themes.  I encourage you to take your family to the game section of a store-Barnes and Noble has a great selection, as does Target, WalMart and Toys R’ Us.  Happy playing!!!

W3-Family Fun


This was a very nice week, and we were able to squeeze in lots of family fun.  I myself was/am a bit under the weather.  Therefore, most of this week has been working/relaxing at home for me. Jeremy surprised us Wednesday and came home early! He and Charles went and played at Disneyland for a few hours.  They had a blast and I was able to rest a little too, so it was nice.  Then last night, Thursday, my school had Math Family Fun Night.  Basically the school opens up in the evening, we sell pizza/drinks, and open a few rooms up for math activities.  I volunteered to open my room and had a few math games out, (multiplication/division bingo was the crowd pleaser). Charles and I had a great time, it was educational, but it was fun and he was like my little assistant teacher, helping me here and there.  He also had a chance to tour the other rooms with one of my students so it worked out nicely.  And tonight…I told him I wanted to just kind of be mellow, grade papers and what not, but I am going to tell him to put his shoes on and grab his sweatshirt because I want to go on Snow White and Peter Pan at Disneyland…so off to have more family fun!

Smiles 🙂

Happy Birthday to Charles!!!


Today marks my little guys 10th birthday!!!  We sang happy birthday right at 6:12 am, his official birth day time…and I shed a happy tear when reflecting on what an awesome person he is growing into…We couldn’t love him any more than we do, he fills our days with meaning, with joy, with laughter and with all the other wonderful things that matter…He’s the best and we love him more than words can express!  Tonight we are having a slumber party for him and I will post a few pictures later…


Here are some pictures from the slumber party…Grandma and Grandpa let us use there house for the party, and Grandma did an awesome job of decorating and making it super special with all the balloons and birthday flare…Thank you!!!

Making Smores

We played outside, ate dinner, opened presents, went on a scavenger hunt, roasted marshmellows and made smores, watched UHF, and eventually drifted off to sleepy town…more to continue on Saturdays post…

Week 1- Family Fun!


Disneyland here we come!!!

We received the coolest Christmas present ever this year, annual passes to Disneyland!!!  I know, so awesome!!! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa, we appreciate this gift so very much!

Both our families have taken Charles to Disneyland here and there throughout the years, but I myself haven’t been in years!  The first day we could officially use our passes was January 2.  Since Charles and I are still on winter break…we went on Tuesday, all day, then Wednesday evening/night with some friends, and will go again today!  Our passes let us into both Disneyland and California Adventure! 

So for my family fun post, I am writing about Disneyland…Charles and I had some super special bonding time.  He wasn’t embarrassed to hold hands throughout the busy park, and was still super lovey with his ol’ Mama…we laughed and giggled all day long.  Charles will be 10 next week, and he has grown into such a responsible and kind young man.  He was making sure my input was considered with each ride we went on.  Near the end of the night we were waiting in line for Astro Blasters and he was wise enough to say, “it’s alright, we can head out, we have passes, no need to wait in a long line when we are tired…we can always come back and go another day…” He’s a very pragmatic little guy, he plans things out, is patient when waiting, considerate when walking in crowds, he doesn’t lose control and demand things…he understood when I said we’d pack our lunch and bring snacks instead of buying stuff…he’s just such a cool kid, I truly enjoyed spending the entire day with him.  I feel so blessed to have him as my son, that has always been the case and I know it always will be…



Preview of what’s to come…


Hello Friends!

I am super excited about this new blog and how I can make my own life more meaningful but also inspire others to do the same.  Last night my son and I were hanging out at home, Daddy was at work, and we were just relaxing until he got home.  I was reading one of my favorite books when my little guy asks if he could build a fort.  I  said he could and continued to read while he started throwing the cushions off the couch.  As I was sitting there, it dawned on me that I could make this experience more meaningful for us both if I jumped in on the adventurous fun.  I told him I wanted to help and he got super excited.  We built a really neat fort, it was huge!  We pulled in a table lamp, laid down some blankets and let the giggles pour out.  This isn’t the first time I have built a fort with him, but it reminded me of how much more special our time was with us building and playing together, rather than him building and me reading.  It’s little moments like this that we’ll look back on with fondness, so let’s take advantage of them!

Playing in the fort!