Red Ribbon Week


This weeks theme for Red Ribbon Week was “The Best Me is Drug Free!” My teacher friend Natasha was in charge of the daily events and she did an awesome job at making the week really fun and meaningful.

Monday we wore red and got our red ribbon wristbands.

Tuesday we wore sunglasses because our “futures are so bright without drugs.”

Wednesday we dressed like a friend, which two of my students planned matching outfits to a T and looked absolutely adorable!

Thursday we wore crazy socks day, which I got excited about due to all the crazy socks I own.  I went with my knee high red/white striped socks with the Christmas faux fur on the top…I was known as Mrs. Claus for the day.

Friday was sports day, which my kids loved since most of them came to school in their soccer uniforms. 

We also made a cool door decoration with the theme in mind…One of the things I do on a regular basis is have the kiddos “kiss their brains” when they do something well.  I might say, “Kiss your brain, it’s working so hard for you” or “Kiss your brain, I am so proud of you…”  It’s really cute, they kiss their fingers and then touch their forehead. They get huge smiles on their faces too and I can literally see how good they feel inside.  Sometimes another kid will say “kiss your brain” if a student did something well and I forget to say it…

Obviously kids shouldn’t do drugs, and in First grade it isn’t a tough thing to try and convince them of avoiding.  They are innocent and impressionable and it’s awesome knowing we are planting little seeds of how to lead a positive healthy life.  The third thru sixth graders wrote essays, and the winners read theirs over the loud speaker yesterday.  They were so thoughtful and wise, reminding us that even in tough times we can do things such as journal, sit by a pretty place, go for a bike ride, talk to a friend or anyone willing to listen, and remember that we’ll get through it and that we are too important to waste our life on doing drugs.


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