Latest happenings in room 15…


Hello All,

I have been working on my work/life balance, and it’s been a bit out of whack…I have a hard time leaving school stuff at school, I tend to have school on my mind all the time…so when I am not actually doing classroom work, I try to be present and attentive to my family time.  But the boys are at Disneyland, the house is straightened up for the most part, and the laundry is in the dryer…so I have a little time to squeeze in a long over due post…

First off, I must say I absolutely LOVE having my own classroom.  Seeing the same kids everyday and working with them on a regular basis is very rewarding.  It’s been almost 2 months since school started and I am seeing so much progress that I am literally jumping for joy.  I am so proud of my kiddos. 

GRIP-We are a GRIP school which stands for Gang Reduction Intervention Program.  We have many students who are related to past/present gang members or who are overall connected to gang relations…The program consists of police officers/gang unit team and teachers working together to create a positive image of cops/school and the like and to let students know that they have someone who cares and wants them to lead a positive successful life.  I volunteered to be a mentor, as did about 25 other teachers and staff members.  Next week I will meet my mentee and from then one we will have weekly informal meetings where I provide a safe place for her to talk/for me to mentor her and be a role model for her.  I am very excited to meet her and help be a positive guiding force in her life, I already know she is special and worthy of my attention and time, so it’ll  be great.

We went on a field trip last week to Tanaka Farms.  It is a family owned farm that grows veggies, fruit, pumpkins, and has a corn maze and petting zoo.  It was a blast!  We all had such a great day petting animals, walking in circles around the corn maze, enjoying a wagon ride throughout the farm, picking our own veggies, and choosing a special pumpkin.  My kids were very well behaved and I was pleased to see how respectful they were. 


Another fun event was McTeacher Night.  There was 8 teachers and our Principal all “working” at McDonalds for the evening.  It was a fundraiser where we earned 20% of the profits from 5-8pm.  The turnout was fantastic, the line was to the door most of the night.  I worked in the front, next to the cashiers.  It was actually really fun.  I got the cups ready and then called out the numbers when the order was ready.  The atmosphere was very positive and energetic, and the time flew by…We had a tip jar and made a big fuss with cheering and clapping when we got a tip.  I love being part of my school’s staff, I am lucky to work with some really awesome people.


To kick of Red Ribbon Week, we had a police officer and his K-9 german shephard come and demonstrate how a drug unit team works and the talents that Lichen the K-9 has in regards to sniffing out drugs.  It was pretty cool to see, and the kids are totally on board in first grade that drugs are bad and yucky and that they want no part of them…Next week is the official Red Ribbon Week.  Each day we dress a certain way, collect pennies, have a door decorating contest, and discuss the reasons why being drug free is important.  Our theme is “The best me is drug free.”  If you have any ideas as to how to decorate my door, let me know…nothing is really coming to mind. The winning class gets a cool treat, but it’s really all for fun.

We have also had a school fundraiser, the book fair, psa testing, professional development days, my first days of needing a substitute (it went well and she was great!), and many other regular days of teaching and preparing the kiddos for the future! 

I have a few fun art projects lined up for the holidays, a really fun Dia De Los Muertos skull art project and a few Halloween/Fall activities.  I will try to write again soon, but for now, it might be on a more monthly update basis.

Happy Fall!!!


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