Back in a classroom!!!


Today I went to the school I will be teaching at and picked up my new set of keys {classroom, copy room, gates, staff restroom- I feel so important}!!!  It was awesome getting to see some of my teacher/staff friends and also meet the new principal, who is really cool.

I met with the teacher I am going to be subbing for, and it was great because she brought her little girl and I brought my little guy.  They played while we caught up and spruced up the classroom.  I was very excited about a lot of things, but I think one of my most favorite things was the color scheme she picked out…black and white polka dot borders, with lime green and turquoise!!!

Now, some of you who don’t teach might not realize how fun borders can be and how much joy an awesome bulletin board can bring to one’s day, but let’s just say I was beyond happy with the outcome. She had lime green fabric and turquoise fabric, each board it’s own color and all of them with the consistent cleanliness of the polka dot borders…Lovely! 

It’s also great because we share many similarities in regards to our teaching philosophy and style, ideas for classroom management, being strict but loving and many other things…we both love to sing and incorporate music into teaching and both excited about whole brain teaching.  With little ones, consistency is crucial, and it is reassuring that they won’t have to adjust with the teacher change when my role comes to an end. I left feeling very encouraged, that this will be a fun month or two, one where I will learn a lot and grow as a teacher. 

The sad feeling I had was that I wished instead of covering for this teacher, that we were actually grade level partners, what a team we’d make!  We could totally learn from each other, she loves to read blogs and is a bit obsessed with pinterest just like me…we could have so much fun bouncing ideas of each other. Well, maybe there will be a crazy influx of kiddos during the first month and they will have to add a class…and seeing that I am already there…maybe I could be the teacher…awww….I like how that sounds….

Hmmm….The balance of thinking things into reality and being realistic and trying to save yourself from being let down…I haven’t really figured out how to do that yet…

Well, off to look on pinterest for ideas on how to decorate the classroom door, something polka dot inspired!


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  1. Its gunna be a great year and as of right now you ARE the teacher! I like how you worded the second to the last sentence…thinking things into reality…yes sounds simple eh! My advice, always, is to just KNOW when you follow your heart it always leads to a special path that leads to another special path that leads to another…enjoy the journey as it is very much your daily destination…Love Mom

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