Summer’s already over???


My oh my did summer fly by…We have been so busy having fun that I really didn’t end up blogging nearly as much as I had a planned.  We spent a lot of time at amusement parks, having movie play dates, a couple weekend trips to visit family/visit from Granny, plentycrafty time for me, Charles did a bunch of reading and workbook pages too, plus lots of swimming and overall just having a really nice time.  I felt a bit guilty because hubby still worked his usual long hours and he’d come home pooped out and we’d just go over how much fun we had all day….I know he liked hearing about all the fun we were having, but I think he is looking forward to us being on a more similar schedule with routines and regular bedtimes and so on and so on…

So here are some pictures of our summer.  Enjoy!

Wipe out at Knotts

Inside the stratosphere…just over 1100 feet high!

Looking up at the freefall (I must mention, I thought I would be super nervous outside with Charles by the fence…but it was super safe, there is a level just a tad bit below with a much wider balcony that ensures no one could fall off….nice!)

So Mom goes on first by herself, says it’s a “piece of cake..” So Charles and her go on…Charles comes down saying, “come on mommy, you can do it!” So then I don’t know what I am thinking, but I am buckling myself into the ride…and then we shoot up super fast and drop super fast and I don’t remember being more scared in my life! But once I caught my breath, we did high fives that we all accomplished going on a big scary ride like that!

more pictures to come…




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