Oops to Awesome!


This must have been my 10th time doing this, but the idea finally came to me as I was holding up my “oops” and seeing how it could become something really awesome.  I had just finished filling up the dish washer, the sink was nice and clean and I had the water on and had just flipped the switch for the disposal…when I hear the awful noise that comes when a spoon accidently falls down the drain without you realizing it…Well, I stopped the disposal and held up the spoon…Too sharp now on the sides to use, so may as well toss it out.  That’s when the idea came to me, why not turn it into something?  I bent the spoon and it easily turned into a “hook,” but how would I get it on a wall, I don’t have tools that would drill a hole in a spoon?  Hmm…I searched the junk drawer and found extra stickers for the stick on hooks I have in use in another room…I stuck the spoon to the sticker, the sticker to the wall, and had a cool one-of-a-kind kitchen towel hook!  It makes me smile when I hang the towel on it!  I love it when trash becomes a treasure!


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