Fiction or Non-Fiction?


I have always been a big fan of fiction.  I love getting to know the characters, feel their emotions and experience their adventures.  I love to see how characters deal with conflict and how I root for the character and truly grow to care about their endeavors.  I try to read books that help me grow in some way, but most are just stories that I enjoy because they deal with issues I can relate to.  As a teacher, I am always trying to persuade students to pick up a good book and read, fall in love with a new story and a character, one where they will want to read it again and again…I was a late reader, not really diving in completely until I was an adult.  I felt like I missed out so much when I was younger, thinking books were boring and more for academics instead of enjoyment. 

Now, I can’t put books down.  I am never without a book, currently I am reading 1 fiction and 2 non-fiction books.  Now I will admit, when I read non-fiction, it tends to be when I am researching something or am on the internet searching for something, but rarely as a book front to back in my “for fun” reading pile.  I of course would not be quick to admit this, and in fact a week or so ago, I nearly ripped my hubby’s head off for his suggesting of me to read more non-fiction.  It was on a day where I was reading from my favorite author, Jodi Picoult, and had been sitting on the couch all day (not exaggerating) reading her book, The Lone Wolf.  I have a problem sometimes, I tune the world out and get fully absorbed in a book and can sit there for hours on end completely engaged in a story.  I kind of think that’s really cool too, but that’s another topic…The point was, my hubby was saying that for all the time I devot to reading fiction, that I should be reading nonfiction too, that my students deserve that from me.  That I am in a position where I can share so much knowledge with my students, and that I am doing them a disservice by sticking mainly to fictional reading.  After I was done taking it personal and feeling defensive and upset that he would say that…I was able to see how much sense that made, and that it was a helpful but firm suggestion to be better.  I wish my first reaction wasn’t always to get defensive and to know he’s on my side and my biggest supporter, but I am a work in progress…

So now, I have a few nonfiction books that I have been reading non-stop, of course I have notecards and markers handy because with non-fiction there are facts I want to remember and not just breeze through.  I am reading a book about nutrition and it’s inspiring me to eat in a more natural and healthy manner, and I am excited about it…I am learning new things and feeling motivated to put them into action. 

Moral of the story, we all can be better.  Whether that is simply broadening your horizons and reading more, fiction AND nonfiction, or taking the time to find pleasure in things you might have overlooked.  My suggestion to you is think about something you are interested in, or something you would like to learn more about…and then put that in a search engine for books and plenty of fictional and nonfictional titles will pop up.  I remember once, quite awhile back, I was having this same conversation with someone…it was about Bob Marley and how much this person loved him…but she really didn’t know much about him outside his songs.  So I encouraged her to read about it and her love of Bob Marley became so much more meaningful and honest.  Oh wait, that was me….and it was my hubby encouraging me…

Like I said, I am a work in progress and we should ALL aspire to be “works in progress!”


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  1. So true and I love your writing as it’s straight forward and insightful. Keep on posting and I know this is selfish but I enjoy the effort you put into your blog. Have a great weekend.

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