Feeling Crafty


I woke up feeling super crafty and knew I wanted to make something artsy but wasn’t really sure what.  When that happens, I search around for inspiration pieces…what do I have that I can turn into something else?  We visited my hubby’s folks today and I saw a cool old picket fence garden thing-a-ma-jiggy (which Mom-in-law was happy to give to me) and then I had a few plain flower pots sitting around…and that’s when I knew what I was going to do…

I painted it black and on the front pieces, I hot glue-gunned ribbon (black with white polka dots)! The picture isn’t as exciting as the real thing, it was easy and ended up super cute, now just to find do-dads to put on it…

{I couldn’t get the BEFORE flower pot picture to upload, just use your imagination and visualize plain brown flower pots :)}


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    • I am not sure where to put the black item…I was figuring maybe a classroom item but not really sure what it’s purpose is other than being pretty at the moment. The flower pots turned out cute, and it cost less than $5 to do all of them!!!


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