Locks of Love Event


Hello Friends!  I know it’s been a long time since my last post, but it is officially summer and I will try harder to blog more regularly again…

As you know, I have been teaching 6th grade and have been absolutely loving it!  For the end of year, we planned many fun events: Staff vs. 6th Graders softball game, BBQ, Swim party at the nearby high school, Knott’s berry farm, and an added event- chop off Mrs. Safa’s hair for Locks of Love!!!

I have been growing out my hair for awhile with the intention of donating it to Locks of Love.  Locks of Love is a charity that provides kids who are suffering from cancer and have lost their hair, free wigs.  My hair was 3 inches past the minimum 10 inches in length, so I decided that I would turn this into a teaching moment.  I asked my students if they would like the chance to chop off their  teacher’s hair, and not surprisingly, they all cheered and raised their hands, begging to be the chosen student to get to cut the pony tail!  I did a little research and decided to have my hair in two low pony tails.  I was able to choose many kiddos to help in the event (those who measured/cut/bagged/photographed), while the rest of the sixth graders watched from the benches.  My goal was to send them off with a really fun memory of our time together, and also to inspire them to consider donating their hair one day.  Enjoy the pictures!!!



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