W8- Inspiration {Affirmations}


How many of you are familiar with affirmations?  If you aren’t, look at the base word “affirm” and then think of a statement that affirms who you are…They are also statements that affirm who you want to be or how you want to be if you aren’t exactly feeling it at the moment…

Some examples:

I AM smart

I AM beautiful

I AM kind

I AM Worthy

I AM Special

These are simple statements meant to be said repeatedly to yourself, to help motivate, inspire, encourage, and push you to believe in the awesome person you are.  Often times we get caught up in negative thinking and can become our own worst enemy.  Affirmations can encourage you to keep going when things get difficult. 

Affirmations can be anything you want them to be.  One day you may be repeat the affirmation,”I Am Healthy” and the next day you may be saying, “I Am Happy.” Personally, I struggle with feeling good enough…so even if I don’t exactly feel super good at my job, I might tell myself, “I am smart, I am meant to be a teacher, I am going to get through to them…” I can do this, I can do this…”

Affirmations are yours and yours alone.  They can literally change your life and lead you down a positive and creative pathway.  Writing them out activates the creative being in you and you become a little more reflective and a little more purpose driven.   

How can you use affirmations? You can put them on post-it notes and place them in places that are applicable to the message.  Or just write them on a piece of paper or in a journal. Maybe you have a white board at home that you write notes on, a pad of paper on the fridge…

 Bathroom mirro-“I AM Beautiful just the way I am” or “I am in control of my feelings”

The kitchen pantry -“I AM healthy.” 

In the car- “I AM Mindful of my surroundings”

At work, “I AM cooperative and helpful”

On your computer as a screen saver- “I AM Worthy”

An affirmation jar where you drop in affirmations

Remember if you think something over and over and over, before long it will become a reality…

Give some of these ideas a try and let me know how it goes!  The beauty of affirmations are they are completely individualized, you think of what you need to hear most and then you work on believing it!!!  My favorite one comes from one of my favorite books. In the book you are supposed to say it at the beginning and then again at the end…it’s a little affirmation chant and I encourage you to chant it each day to yourself!



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