W8- Spirituality {I love it when these things happen!}


God works in my life all the time, but sometimes it’s more obvious than others…

Remember how I said in my previous post that I had lost/misplaced my pedometer…well, I found it!  I truly believe God was working in my life to help me reflect and come to terms with my health.  I can get so stubborn that I will keep at something just because I made it a goal. Without the pedometer, I wasn’t really able to track my mileage, which led me to deeper thinking about the entire goal of running in general. As soon as I was able to stop and really think about the benefits of this goal, I was able to realize it wasn’t working out in the most beneficial ways…my health was good but bad because I was in pain, by running I was actually hurting myself.  As soon as I was able to accept that, guess what happened?  My pedometer reappeared!  I wasn’t even looking for it, I just looked down in my car and there it was!  That is no coincidence my friend…that was God speaking to me in his own special way.  Thanks be to God!



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  1. Amen I keep a lil journal of those God moments of proof. Not for a # but for the sheer miracle of how many times and ways God shows himself working in my life. I cant keep up they are so numerous and amazing. Well glad you found it to track your normal day to day walk. Again Happy Sunday aka God Day!

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