W7- Teaching and Inspiration


Hello!  I am so sorry I didn’t write to you yesterday, but I was busy grading papers and then making pink rice krispy treats for 40 kids, but here I am now!  It works out well actually, because teaching and inspiration go together quite nicely!

Happy Valentine’s Day by the way…

So teaching and inspiration…I know that my job is awesome, yes it can be hard and frustrating at times, but I need to always remember how extremely awesome it is…that I get to impact these kids each day.  Monday I had some issues with some students and came home a little discouraged…I was getting kind of sensitive about it…and hubby was a bit disappointed in how I was acting…which temporarily made me more sensitive…until I realized he was EXACTLY right!  He reminded me that I am not the type of person to let people get me down, to be discouraged by negative results or behavior…but instead, be the type of person that makes something good happen…find ways to encourage others, pump them up, get them excited, think outside the regular way of thinking and just be better about how I dealt with difficult situations…He was my inspiration to be the teacher I know I can and want to always be…and I am so blessed to have that…he doesn’t always tell me what I think I want to hear, but what I need to hear…and I am forever grateful for that.  Today was a really great day.  I spoke with the 2 kids in particular that had the issues the previous day and we resolved things, I also gave others extra support with math, and did a more active/engaging lesson plan that helped keep the students motivated and engaged…My kiddos really are sweet good kids, and I sometimes want so badly for them to get smarter, that I forget that they are just kids…being kids….They deserve the best me I have to offer, and sometimes I slip…but luckily I bounce back quick…

Below are a few shots from today…my little man with his box for valentines, and then a picture of all the kind gifts from my students…



I have tests to grade and should probably do a little work, but I am signing off and going to get my Valentines Day foot massage now!!!


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  1. Sounds like your Valentine was full of love. Im glad you married a clever man. It is all about the bounce back eh! It’s fun to be in solution and I am so happy you find your path so inspiring. Keep it up…Love and more love being sent to all three of you.

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