W6- Family Fun


Another fun filled week has flown by…I can’t believe it’s already the weekend!  As per usual, we enjoyed Disneyland quite a bit this week.  Below are a few pictures from the various visits…Tonight we got a puzzle from one of the shops.  We love puzzles and this one is a really neat one that is a map of Disneyland.  One of my favorite parts of going to Disneyland is how sweet my little guy is with me…due to all the crowds of people, he is always holding my hand or my arm, or snuggling close to me…I love how we share these special times together, talking about our favorite rides, favorite parts of each ride, favorite area of Disneyland, least favorite/top favoritie rides and so on and so on…Tonight I told him, which I do regularly, how much I love our time together, how much I treasure these times when we hang out and have fun together…The other night we were there and we were on Splash Mountain and we were in line by another Mom and son…they were going on the ride for the first time.  We sat together and fondly joked how it was the log reserved for mommies and son’s…I love my little guy, I really really love that kid!

Ok…here are the pictures…



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