W6-Drink and Drink


On a positive note…I juiced twice this week!  The usual juice drink: oranges, apple, carrots, and spinach.  I also add ice after beause I like my juice to be really cold.

So about my new recipe and crock pot meal…Let me start by saying that usually I reserve Sunday thru Wednesday to try my new recipes out.  Thursday I usually have leftovers…and Friday and Saturday we play by ear, maybe we’ll have pizza or each have something in the kitchen that sounds good but not a gourmet style meal…sometimes on Saturday’s we graze all day so we just eat light at night…so anyways…Sunday was Super Bowl and I was at my Dad and his wife’s house watching the game…so dinner was over there (super yummy cheese dip, chicken wings, baked potatoes, cheesecake with fruit topping)….Monday, mominlaw and dadinlaw had bbq’d burgers the night before and made extras for us, so that took care of that night’s meal…Tuesday we had dinner at the inlaws (chicken and rice- shredded chicken, cooked ground beef, white rice, and pine nuts all mixed together served with plain yogurt and pita bread!).  They made plenty and sent us packing with enough for tonights dinner too!  So there you have it, we ate well…just didn’t really document it.  I do however want to point out that on Saturday, I soaked beans again and hubby and I grazed on beans and cornbread throughout the day…we love that we are very happy and satisfied eating a meal that cost about $1 to make…It is humbling really…we can get caught up with spending money on food and forget how other people in this world look at food…sometimes, food is just food…it’s meant to give us energy and nourishment, it doesn’t always have to taste amazing andbe exciting…it’s fuel…


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