Above is a great website about living a more minimal life, the benefits of minimalism and how by having less you are really adding so much MORE to your life.  I originally stumbled upon this site because I was reading about prayer…the question of if prayer matters, God’s will is his will, can we really change it based on prayer…I believe in prayer, and felt like the author of this site addressed that question nicely.  I started writing about this topic first, but instead I encourage you to think about it, research the quotes in the bible that talk about prayer, and come to your own conclusions…I do think prayer is more of a way to center ourselves and keep things in perspective, show gratitude, and more.  Here is the entry about prayer…enjoy and check out this site.  We try to live simply and be minimal with possessions…there are so many good reasons to do so, and it does add to a more mindful way of living…Peace and love friends!



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