W5- Health and Fitness


Sunday-Well friends…I am off to a great start!  Today I woke up, put on my running clothes, stretched…and then welcomed the day by Ralking in the neighborhood.  {Ralking/Ralked- sounds like Rocked and it isn’t a real word but it will be my word for running/walking- plus it is a positive word :)} I ralked 3.5 miles!!! Then later in the day we went to California Adventure for a few hours…I didn’t have my pedometer yet, but I am figuring I walked at least 1-2 miles, so to be safe, I will log in 1 mile for that event…

Total miles: 4.5

Monday- Didn’t keep track…so won’t include anything…

Tuesday-My super sweet mominlaw got me a pedometer while I was at school…THANK YOU!!! So I put it on when I got home, which ended up being about 5 ish…and between all my household chores, walking the dog, throwing out the trash, doing this and that…I logged a mile and a half!!! I was shocked that I walked that much in those few hours of unfocused activity!

Weekly total up until this point…5.5

Wednesday-Outdoor Science School!  I went up and visited my kiddos at OSS and it was a fabulous day.  We went on a nature hike, and walked up and down the campsite a few times…then with the rest of the walking I did that night, I had added an extra 2 miles to my total!

Weekly total now…7.5 miles!!!

Thursday/Friday…For these two days I logged 5.09 miles…which was pretty good…total now….12.59 miles…

Saturday- My little man and I went on a walk/jog in the park…it’s a really pretty nature trail.  We went a little farther then before and discovered a new playground!  We saw lizards, squirrels, hummingbirds, dogs, and lots of bright colored flowers.  We walked over rocks as well as on the trail, and had a lot of fun!  This walk was a total of miles…3 miles…

rest of the day…1 more mile…so 4 miles for the day

So the total mileage for week one of my challenge of logging at least 13.1 miles was…. 16.59 miles!!!

Not too shabby.  I know a lot of the mileage included regular walking around, not necessarily planned walks/jogs…but that’s alright with me, the point is I am being active and not spending a lot of time just sitting around…I plan on this number increasing more each week and am pleased with how things went!  How are you doing?  Anyone else trying to do this challenge with me?


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