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OSS Here they come!

Today my sixth graders went to Outdoor Science School!!!  I wasn’t even going, but I was sooo excited for them…more excited then I remember being when I myself went to Outdoor Ed.  For Monday and Tuesday, I will be staying behind to teach the students who didn’t end up going to OSS, and then the rest of the week they will go to another class.  I do however get to go visit them Wednesday, along with the principal and my partner’s student teacher. I can’t wait, it will be awesome!!! If I get to come back as a a FT 6th grade teacher, fingers crossed…then I will get to go to OSS with my students, that’s a whole week.  I would miss my boys, but what an experience!  Going camping with your students, being a part of this new adventure and memorable life experience with them, connecting with them on a deeper level than you could when it is just classroom activities…I really love my job.  I really really feel so grateful to be here, at this school and learning what I am learning and experiencing what I am experiening…Sure there are challenging aspects to this job, but I wouldn’t change careers for anything!

I know it’s a luxury getting to love your job, most people work to earn money, they don’t necessarily love their jobs but they can tolerate them enough…and it serves a purpose of bringing home “the bacon.” I know that my journey towards becoming a FT teacher hasn’t been easy, and the financial part is still not where I need it to be…but I figure that eventually it will come…My hubby tolerates his job so I get to love my job, and for that I am so thankful.

***Wednesday I went to OSS and visited my sixth graders!  It was such a fun day, I really had fun and was so proud of how great they were…these kids are very special to me, and it was awesome getting to share in their sixth grade OSS experience!

Me…Classic eyes closed, but hey…I didn’t really have ones without students and for their privacy I didn’t want to put them on a blog…

Teaching Buddies!


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