W4- Health and Fitness


I felt much better this week, still have a lingering cough but nothing compared to what I felt like last week.  That said, you’d think my energy levels would have been higher and the desire to excercise would have been bigger…not the case.  I excercised a little, but it was weak…barely broke a sweat either time and didn’t push myself hard at all.  I keep hoping that the feeling inside me will just happen, and it won’t be so much effort and me needing to remind myself of how important it is and how I should be doing more…So, I started thinking about what motivated me in the past to be active and stay physically fit. 

When I had my office job I would walk stairs and walk during lunch or a couple times a day to keep me awake…Now though I am always working through lunch, making copies, grading papers, checking emails…that won’t work…Originally I thought to do yoga in the morning, but I like to sleep in and waking up earlier than I already do, which is 5:45 am, is just too early in my book.  So…back to before, what did I do in the past….

I ran.  I signed up for a 5k marathon and make a year goal of running a 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon…I didn’t finish it out…I stopped after the 10k…no real good reason other than I had left to visit my Mom in HI and after coming home I couldn’t get back into the groove…so….I was thinking.  I could try and finish that previous goal.  I will register to run a half marathon and full marathon for the year of 2012.  I looked into events and there is the OC Marathon in May, which gives me a little over 3 full months to train for a 13.1 run.  The race is kind of pricey, so I am going to think of a creative way to earn money for it…but the benefit is…and again, the extra positive side is that all the money goes towards local charity groups.  I would be doing something good for my body, but also good for the community.  I can make a big deal about it to my students, and maybe figure out if the school wanted to form a running club…or at least figure out as a class if we could log a set number of miles…haven’t thought it all out yet, but I am getting excited just thinking about it…

So that will be my new focus for health and fitness.  I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t make my goals measurable, just saying excercise each week…I won’t really push myself.  So my new goal is to walk/run 13.1 miles a week.  Whether that is spread out over many days or if I push myself really hard 2 days. Tomorrow I will begin my new plan and write about it next Saturday.  I really want this, I really want to get back into doing something and feeling those good feelings that come with being active and fit.

If you are like me and are having a hard time getting going, I encourage you to do what I am doing…find a marathon in your area and make it a goal, if you need me to, I will encourage you and be your accountability buddy.

OC Marathon, here I come!!!


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  1. HI I started an arm work out for about one week now. My saggy arms are motivation enough! I started doing some leg stretching too & that feels good. Im trying to tone up not lose. I took bread off the tablle & that made a difference. Happy Sunday

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