W4- Teaching


Last week I talked about implementing a new behavioral strategy that my mentor had encouraged me to try out in the hopes that I can manage my sixth graders more effectively.  I must tell you, it seems to be working very well! 

To refresh your memory, what I do is express my expectations clearly, make sure they know what I want them to be doing and that it needs to be quiet…then if they talk or mess around, I write their name on the board…if they attempt to argue/defend themselves, a check goes by their name…if they don’t stay quiet or I have to talk to them again about getting on task, that too warrants a check mark…The checks mean they lose recess, which is huge to them.  On the reward side, I give out tickets which earn them dollars for the school store, raffle for a monthly lunch with the teachers (McDonalds so it’s pretty exciting for them), candy, table points, and then of course plenty of plenty verbal praises…

So, I decided again, with the suggestion from my mentor, to add one more element to this new behavior strategy.  The name/consequences are for the individuals that wear on me, that frustrate me because they take the attention away from the learning and make me waste time discipling…but there are also so many great kiddos and I want the class to go smooth…so…I am also rewarding the class with a classwide reward…I will spell out the word “SURPRISE,” one letter at a time…It’s reserved for those moments after I make my expectations clear and they then DO what I ask…consistently…Today they are at S, and tomorrow I plan to catch them a few more times so they can see how much I appreciate their good behavior…

The surprise will need to be educational, I am trying to think of something good…where I can tie in one of the content standards…After today’s rainy day lunch with the kids eating/playing inside, I realized how much they love games…So maybe after they spell out surprise, I can save the last 15-20 minutes of that day and play math bingo or scrabble or put out a few educational games and play fun music in the background…

I am excited for tomorrow, it’s always a good sign when you look forward to the next teaching day where you can focus on catching kiddos being good…it’s nice…and I really do feel lucky getting to work with these young scholars!

Now, off to read to my own little guy, then grade essays…sweet dreams!



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  1. It’s no SURPRISE I think you are a fantastic teacher….I love solutions and you are so open to try and find them! What lucky students you have! Big Hugs and cheers to a fabulous week!

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