W4- Reflection


Wow, I can’t believe it is already week 4…time is flying by.  Life felt very busy this week.  I feel like I went went went, and then tried to rest rest rest, but didn’t feel like I accomplished as much as I would have liked.  I also am learning more and more that I have this unfortunate innate feeling of guilt all the time.  I know in the big picture, it’s not really a huge deal, but in the small picture it’s always pulling at me…I didn’t do enough, whether it was cleaning, cooking, organizing, involvement in my son’s school work, interest in my husband’s day to day stuff, working hard enough as a teacher…I graded papers and it was so sad, I thought I did so well and their grades just don’t reflect that…I have been sick and keep trying to work as though I am fine, and yet, I feel guilty for not calling my family, visiting my grandma, or even doing enough laundry.  It’s silly, but it’s true.  I know I am hard on myself, but at the same time, I know I can be doing better, more…that is what this blog was about…in one sense at least…to keep me accountable to the things I feel are important but sometimes overlooked.  Yet, this week I feel like I kind of slacked…that’s my reflection, not so positive I guess, but it’s honest…and I think it’s refreshing to read something honest and real, so there you go…take it for what it is…as a week, that’s how I felt.  Kind of scattered, a little bit up, a little bit down, but all in all a good week with happy highlights and regular everyday sort of living…


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  1. Yes, we can all be hard on ourselves and I appreciate seeing in print all the needless things that busy our hearts and minds needlessly…guilt is a lifetime struggle so continue to work on being free of it as it is pointless and daunting…good luck with that and remember…superwomen does not exist but a super women does and that is you……strive and thrive and pat yourself on the back for writing consistently for all these weeks..you should be applauded and you are…from afar….wishing you a week full of exploration! Big Hugs Luv Mom

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