W3-Family Fun


This was a very nice week, and we were able to squeeze in lots of family fun.  I myself was/am a bit under the weather.  Therefore, most of this week has been working/relaxing at home for me. Jeremy surprised us Wednesday and came home early! He and Charles went and played at Disneyland for a few hours.  They had a blast and I was able to rest a little too, so it was nice.  Then last night, Thursday, my school had Math Family Fun Night.  Basically the school opens up in the evening, we sell pizza/drinks, and open a few rooms up for math activities.  I volunteered to open my room and had a few math games out, (multiplication/division bingo was the crowd pleaser). Charles and I had a great time, it was educational, but it was fun and he was like my little assistant teacher, helping me here and there.  He also had a chance to tour the other rooms with one of my students so it worked out nicely.  And tonight…I told him I wanted to just kind of be mellow, grade papers and what not, but I am going to tell him to put his shoes on and grab his sweatshirt because I want to go on Snow White and Peter Pan at Disneyland…so off to have more family fun!

Smiles 🙂


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