W3- Food and Drink


I am still on a roll with my cooking, being more mindful and creative with my foods…

Juiced a few times…

Same as before, I mixed spinach, carrots, oranges and apples together, that’s probably my favorite…In the past I have mixed in blueberries, pineapples and strawberries, but they are a little tougher in the juicer/don’t strain through as easily, pears are very tasty as is kale…The best part is that it tastes good, isn’t too much effort, and is super good for you!!!

Crock-Pot Meal…

This was really easy and very yummy!  I literally put frozen chicken tenderloins in the crock pot, sliced up an onion in big chunks, and then poured in BBQ sauce…cooked it on low for 8 hours and served it over cheesy mashed potatoes! 


Recipe Meal…

So I started to use a real recipe from Pioneer Woman’s blog, but I sort of ad libbed…which is kind of the opposite idea of using a recipe, but….I figure whatever gets me thinking outside the usual box of my cooking is a good thing, trying new things…that’s the real point of this…so this is what I made…

Bacon wrapped cheeseburgers

Meat mixture-



A-1 sauce



Ranch dressing

So I put a little of each of the above and mixed it with 1 lb of ground beef

Next, I shaped into small burgers and wrapped them with 1-2 slices of bacon

Next, I cooked them on the George Foreman (see, now they aren’t as bad for us!)

While that cooked, I grilled some sliced onions

When the burgers were finished cooking, I put them on a baking sheet, then topped some of the burgers with cheese and cooked them until the cheese melted.  I also browned the buns by using the broiler…After that, I assembled the burgers and served wtih fruit and ice water…That was dinner last night, and there weren’t any burgers left at the end of the night…umm, ummm, good!!!




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