Saturday night…


Hello!  Today we had a very active day…it was day two of birthday fun!  Due to all the excitement, I myself am beat…and am going to bed 🙂  I will write more tomorrow and catch up better on the past days events, but didn’t want to have a day pass without sending my thoughts out to you all…I feel so very blessed, to have so many people who love my son the way they do, for the care and attention they give, for all the special memories we make together…Sweet dreams!


So after going off to sleepy town, we awoke bright and early Saturday morning…watched cartoons, played indoor hide and seek, then went to Krispy Kremes for donuts.  After our sugary breakfast…we were off to the coolest park ever, Heritage Park in Cerritos, CA.  This was a park Jeremy went to all the time when he was younger, so besides being super awesome in itself, it’s a place where many happy memories have been made, today’s included…After the park, we dropped off the kids and went home to rest.  Then off to my Dad and Tiffany’s for more birthday fun with the family.  An extra special thank you to Tiffany for all you did, the house looked very special with the birthday decorations and all the yummy treats…

Here are pictures of the events:

Our big 10 year old!!!

***Saturday’s I write about health and fitness, and this entry wasn’t to fitness oriented.  This week I didn’t work out too hard, but did stay active most days.  I did a lot of walking, aerobics and yoga a few evenings…but since it was a birthday weekend, I focused more on sharing our active family moments!


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