Week 2- Inspiration


Click To Give

Inspiration can be found everywhere but sometimes it helps knowing where to look.  Below is a website that my sister Amber shared with me many years ago.  I was so inpired by what the GreaterGood Network was doing that I signed up to receive daily emails, encouraging me to “click to give” to eight different charity groups on a regular basis.  I do this each and everyday, sometimes I will click multiple times.  It only takes a minute or two and it feels so good knowing that my daily clicks are somehow impacting the world in a better way.  The charities are listed below, and the benefit of your daily click is listed next to it.  Please save this web address to your favorites bar and click regularly. Simply go to each tab on the website and click the big box “Click Here to Give-It’s Free.” They also have a store where you can purchase really cool and meaningful things, and the proceeds benefit the cause as well, shopping that counts!   


The Breast Cancer Site: Funding Mammograms for Women in Need

The Animal Rescue Site: Funding Food and Care for Rescued Animals

The Veterans Site: Funds Meals for Homeless and Hungry Veterans

The Autism Site: Funds Therapy to help Children with Autism

The Child Health Site: Funds Healthcare for Children in Need

The Literacy Site: Funding for Free Books for Children in Need

The Rainforest Site: Funding Protects Wildlife Habitats

The Hunger Site: Funding helps Fight Famine in the Horn of Africa and Combats Hunger in the U.S.


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