Week 1- Reflection


It has been a full week of writing my blog and following through on all the different things I said I would focus on.  I am happy to note that I was able to write each day and was constantly mindful of making my life more meaningful.

  Certain topics were easier than others…inspiration and pretty things are all around, and I enjoy sharing those things with others.  The family fun wasn’t too challenging either since my boys are so great, but it was fun to make sure we were not being lazy butts just co-existing, but that we were engaged in fun things and really enjoying ourselves as a family…

Spirituality was a little more challenging then I thought it would be…I guess it is mainly because I find my Spirituality to be very personal.  I don’t fit nicely into one box of organized religion…the closest would be Christian, but I also relate to Buddhism and its 4 noble truths…I don’t like a religious label but sometimes havingt one would make it easier for me explain my faith to others…which is why I don’t usually go too deep into my spirituality, because it’s my spiritual path, and my relationship with God and it doesn’t really matter what others think and also, I don’t have all thee answers, I don’t know everything about the Bible or about other religions and don’t want to act like I have the only answer out there, but at the same time, writing about it will help me add clarity to my own thoughts…Does that make sense?  I will write more about that tomorrow, but just know it’s a new experience for me sharing this…

The other difficult task was the health and fitness…I know I need to get healthier but I am having a hard time get into that “workout” mode.  This week I walked a lot, but didn’t really sweat that hard…I feel like I need to step it up a notch, I know I want to get healthier, now I just have to make it happen…

I hope this first week of the new year is off to a good start for you all.  Many of you have shared your goals with me and these are 3 in particular that inspired me:

1) Be financially smarter with my money

2) Make someone smile each day

3) Make each day special, make it count

Peace and Love



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  1. My spirit path leads me to seek to balance my peace..my inner & outer peace. Nothing more…enjoy the journey (and I KNOW you are one of the spirits that do that too!) My favorite prayer is Thank You. & Thank You four my daughters!!!!

  2. Love the pictures, the food made me hungry, the picture of the garden is awesome and I too love this kinda of stuff, love being outside, love when the wind blows through trees and seeing leaves sway back and forth. I also find a religious label a bit too limiting but I believe in god for sure and I pray and thank god (not as often as I should) for all my blessings in life, none more than my family. I will admit right here and now at times I look my grand-daughters, or think of my now deceased dad, and tears well up because they make me so happy so I will only worry when I don’t well up any more. Everyone enjoy your week, Kristin I miss working with you, keep us all posted. Peace & Love

    • Hey, it’ so nice to hear fromo you again 🙂 I am glad you are following my blg, I too miss working with you…I could always count on you making me laugh and putting a smile on my face. I am sorry to hear about your Dad passing, but you’re right about family being the greatest blessing. I think it says a lot when you can admit that your love for someone literally bring tears of joy to your face. My baby boy is going to be 10 on Friday, and I feel the same way when I look at him. Smiles-K

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