Week 1- Health and Fitness


This week was filled with activity and I wish I had a pedometer to know how many steps I took because it felt like a ton…Sunday I went for a short jog and did some aerobics/yoga after at home.  Then Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we spent most of the day at Disneyland which means we walked and walked and walked…Thursday we went to the beach and walked a little…

Today I wanted to go to the walking trail, but Charles wasn’t too excited about that idea…he was kind of tired. I wanted us to be active and spend some time outside, especially for Pepper’s sake, get him out for a little jog…I told Charles that we were walking no matter what, but that we could walk the neighborhood and stop by the mini market on the way so he could get a candy to eat while we walked.  He chose skittles and we walked around Old Towne Orange and rated the houses from 1-10 on how pretty they were…it was lots of fun and we had a great time.  He forgot how tired he was and enjoyed running along with Pepper and checking out all the cute houses!

Next week we go back to school, so I am hoping I don’t fall into a lazy phase…Wish me luck!




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