Week 1- Family Fun!


Disneyland here we come!!!

We received the coolest Christmas present ever this year, annual passes to Disneyland!!!  I know, so awesome!!! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa, we appreciate this gift so very much!

Both our families have taken Charles to Disneyland here and there throughout the years, but I myself haven’t been in years!  The first day we could officially use our passes was January 2.  Since Charles and I are still on winter break…we went on Tuesday, all day, then Wednesday evening/night with some friends, and will go again today!  Our passes let us into both Disneyland and California Adventure! 

So for my family fun post, I am writing about Disneyland…Charles and I had some super special bonding time.  He wasn’t embarrassed to hold hands throughout the busy park, and was still super lovey with his ol’ Mama…we laughed and giggled all day long.  Charles will be 10 next week, and he has grown into such a responsible and kind young man.  He was making sure my input was considered with each ride we went on.  Near the end of the night we were waiting in line for Astro Blasters and he was wise enough to say, “it’s alright, we can head out, we have passes, no need to wait in a long line when we are tired…we can always come back and go another day…” He’s a very pragmatic little guy, he plans things out, is patient when waiting, considerate when walking in crowds, he doesn’t lose control and demand things…he understood when I said we’d pack our lunch and bring snacks instead of buying stuff…he’s just such a cool kid, I truly enjoyed spending the entire day with him.  I feel so blessed to have him as my son, that has always been the case and I know it always will be…




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  1. again, the apple does not fall far from the tree. He IS an amazing kid and we are ALL so blessed to have him lead the way….I can speak for myself here….He leads my way….for sure…like a guiding light, like starlight…I am so very GLAD Mickey and Minnie and Goofy let god ole fashion folk bring food in as opposed to making you purchase theirs, even if they do carry only the very best hehehe
    Happy Happy Tuesday (I’m just reading this today)

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