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Hello Friend!

Last week, I was surfing the web and looking for new ideas, DIY craft projects, something I could do to spark my creative interests!  I always find inspiration from other people and their creations and  came across a blog that had lots of DIY projects.  One in particular, showed all the simple ways one could make hanging garlands (not the Christmas kind but the everyday decorative kind). 

This is how my creative process unfolded and my final product. Be inspired by the art work you are surrounded by and see what you can create on your own!


hemp cording and scrap fabric (any fabric and any kind of cording, yarn, rope, ect…could work)

Cut fabric into even sized strips and the cord to the length you want your garland to be

Tie the strips onto the cord leaving the same distance between each tie

All done, now where to place the garland???

My hubby found this awesome framed poem at a thrift store awhile back, it’s a very sweet poem and the garland shaped around it like a heart adds a lovely touch!

Scrap fabric can go a long way…so I made another garland…this one I hung around our mirror that hangs in the hallway…



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