Week 1- Teaching


Hello Friend!

Since I am still on winter break, I don’t have a current teaching story to share.  I will be back with my sixth graders next week though, and will have plenty to write about then!  For today, I thought I would write about a fellow teacher my Mom introduced to me {virtually :)}.  His name is John Hunter and he is the brains behind the “World Peace Game.”  He teaches 4th grade and is an educational consultant and has been working with gifted students the majority of his teaching career.  In a nutshell, the game is a hands-on political simulation where students are grouped into different countries and encouraged through connectedness to co-exist economically, socially, environmentally and so on.  The ultimate goal is that they can learn to work together as a world to achieve global prosperity with the least amount of military intervention.  It is brilliant!  The link to his website is below.  The website goes into greater detail about his overall mission and goal of this game and how by making a film about it, others can grow and implement something similar in their schools.  As a newer teacher, I am beginning to see how in public schools we are greatly encouraged (not much say in the matter) to teach to the test, focus on teaching students what will be on the state tests so our scores increase and we get higher API ratings and so on and so on…I am not sure what this would look like if I attempted to bring this into my classroom. I would love to explore a scaled down version and see  about highlighting some of these concepts over a few lessons.  We’ll see, he definetely inspired me as a teacher to give students the very best I have to offer them.

Enjoy your day, and remember, everyday we can learn something new; you just have to be open to doing so…






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  1. Enjoying your blog Kristin, keep the posts coming, here’s to your 7 days. Your son is sure getting big, but why is that always so surprising to everyone?? Touch base with you soon. Happy 2012 to you and your entire family.


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