Happy New Year!


Last night or technically very early this morning, after midnight struck…I said a prayer.  I thanked God for all that I have in my life, for being in a safe, warm home, for being surrounded by people I love, for having a good job that I look forward to going to, good health, fresh food, clean water, technology and the perks of having so much knowledge at my fingertips, the comforts we as a society sometimes overlook.  I prayed that this year I am able to use my strengths in ways that can really help others.  I prayed for wisdom, for humility, for guidance…Whatever your faith may be, I pray that this year will lead you in positive directions where your being can be a benefit to others, where you can learn from those around you but also show kindness and care to those around you.  I wish you a new year filled with opportunity to grow, deepen your relationship with others, and find more meaning and purpose in your daily life. 

Peace and Love friends!


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