Slow and Steady?


No time like the present, right?  It’s practically 2012, so I thought I would try out some fitness fun this morning.  I put on my workout clothes, got my bike out and had this great plan of biking along a new path and seeing where it led me. My tires were somewhat flat and thanks to my hubby’s prompting, I decided that on the way to the bike trail I would stop by  the gas station, fill them up , and then be on my merry way.  Well, the air pump was out of order!?! What? No air? Oh well…I won’t let slightly deflated tires slow me down!  About 10 minutes later, my legs begin to feel like jello and my breathing is burning my chest so bad I actually have to pull over and stop!  Man, those tires are sure slowing me down.  It couldn’t be the fact that I haven’t rode my bike in…hmmm….I can’t really remember….So, I decide to turn around and go home.  When I get home I sit down on the couch, ahhh, that feels better….maybe I should try meditation instead…that sounds nice right now.

Note to self, get a bike pump and fill tires BEFORE going on bike ride.

This was just a warm up anyways…the challenge doesn’t officially begin till tomorrow, so next Saturday-watch out bike trail!!!


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