Preview of what’s to come…


Hello Friends!

I am super excited about this new blog and how I can make my own life more meaningful but also inspire others to do the same.  Last night my son and I were hanging out at home, Daddy was at work, and we were just relaxing until he got home.  I was reading one of my favorite books when my little guy asks if he could build a fort.  I  said he could and continued to read while he started throwing the cushions off the couch.  As I was sitting there, it dawned on me that I could make this experience more meaningful for us both if I jumped in on the adventurous fun.  I told him I wanted to help and he got super excited.  We built a really neat fort, it was huge!  We pulled in a table lamp, laid down some blankets and let the giggles pour out.  This isn’t the first time I have built a fort with him, but it reminded me of how much more special our time was with us building and playing together, rather than him building and me reading.  It’s little moments like this that we’ll look back on with fondness, so let’s take advantage of them!

Playing in the fort!


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